Monday, 18 November 2019

We Need Organized Religion Because People Are Stupid.

Those of us who are in social media have seen a-plenty of memes like: "I am spiritual, not religious", "If you cannot tell right and wrong, it empathy you lack, not religion" or "Religion is for those who try to avoid Hell. Spirituality is for those who have been there."

It seems obvious unique snowflakes do not want organized religion. They want their own special form of spirituality, because they are so very special and different.

Apparently they also DO lack that famou empathy (not to mention common sense), concidering the state of people's morals nowadays. It seems to me Cardinal Sins are going strong and most people do not even seem to realize how much they feed them every day. Lady posting her bikini pictures in Instagram is guilty of Pride, and lady envying her is obviously guilty for Envy and sometimes even Wrath. Man wathcing them will Lust after her  and they all are driven by Greed and Gluttony, while their asses get fatter and fatter because of Sloth.

Everybody hopefully understands that kids wont learn morals if nobody teaches them. What they do not understand is this: many adults are like children with low impulse control: only the fear of punishment (social or other) will make them behave themlseves.  And everybody, everybody needs guidance and support. That is why women nowadays have doulas when they give birth. For guidance and support.

Man (or a woman) cannot be the measure for everything. We need something that is bigger than us, greater than us, older than us. Something that has always been and always will and will never change. Stability. That is why we need organized religion that has survived for millenias. We need solid ground to stand on, a dipstick that is vast and stable enough for measuring everything.

Church can offer all that. Personal pick-what-you-like -spirituality wont. We need time-tested values and methods. Of course churches change with times, some more than others. But the key teachings stay the same, the essence.

I have been in my own personal Hell and I have been "spiritual". And let me tell you this: spirituality without religions is empty. It is lonely. Because there is nothing greater than you are. You have to be everything for yourself. But when you go to church -well, it is like being a loose feather on a very windy day. And the church is the vast solid rock that protects you from that wind, letting you land on sunny ground.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Are You A Victim? Congratulations!

In modern western society, you can be proud of everything. Homosexual? Be proud. Indigenous person, native american, samí or such? Be proud of your origin, cherish it and remember to get offended if someone wants to wear feathers or possess reindeers. Fat and ugly? Be proud in the name of body positivity. Feminist? Be proud. If you are male feminist, even prouder. Transgender? Be proud for mutilating your healthy body. Handicapped? Be proud and remember to demand more and more.

Housewife and proud of it? No, no, you got it all wrong, you wallet parasite. Mother of 10 and proud of it? What sort of a tradwife are you? Never heard of overpopulation? Strong and healthy and fit and proud of it? You, you smug and arrogant and shallow bitch cannot even begin to understand the amount of priviledges you have! It has nothing to do with your own effort, nothing! It is just mere priviledge!

White and heterosexual male and proud of it and his country? DIE, you filthy racist. You, you alt right. You must be for white supremacy. You must be Satan itself.

That is, if people still believed in Satan.

We are living in most peculiar times, when you are allowed to be proud of things only if it somehow brings you a victim status. But there is no way you are allowed to be proud of things people used to be proud of: their good family name, their well-doing country, their race (this is only forbidden from white people), their culture(unless it is somewhat undeveloped), their christian religion (others are fine), and so on.

Please, good people of Blogistan, let's stop this nonsense. Let us start being proud of those things that actually count. Men, be proud of your masculine nature! Women, be proud of your feminine traits! Be proud of your achievements, your parents achievements, your family tree, your town, your country, your origins. Your culture and religion and -gulp- even your skin colour.

And remember: if you make yourself a victim, there is nothing to be proud of.  So keep your head high and your upper lip stiff.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Unique Snowflakes Wont Save The World

Greta Thunberg is an icon for everything that is wrong with modern society.

Someone with absolutely no substance or expertice gets emotional. Someone else sees a change to profit with it and machines a campaign and media fuss. People react emotionally, MSM reacts emotionally. Demonstrations, lots of emotional reacting even on the highest possible steps of society.

People feel that now we are acting, something is happening, I am part of something bigger. World is SOOO going to change! Those with some common sense left, are afraid to open their mouths. They will be silenced and called with names.

In reality, nothing has happened. Nothing. World is not a better place it was before, people are not more educated.

Or, even more likely, something happened. Sometimes it is very convenient to create a fuss. Camouflage what is actually happening.

So what happened when everybody was so exited about school-skipping, mentally unstable little aspergirl?

Kids, if you really want to change things, stay in the school, become an engineer and invent something that actually will make a difference.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Going To Church Will Make You Happy

After many, many years -well, decades- of ateism I have been attending mass several times. And I have realized something very important. Going to church is not really boring, like I used to think.

Going to church will make you happy.

Our forefathers truly knew what they did when they created the structure of the service.

There are several aspects that activate your Vagus Nerve. Vagus Nerve is the most important part of you parasymphatetic nervous system. Activating it is the way to improve your overhall health, especially mental health.

Positive social relationships are good for your Vagus Nerve. When you go to church, no matter how lonely you are, you will experience the feeling of community. Of belonging. You and all the other people there are together doing something you all find important.

Singing together, chanting and humming. Check. Singing together is really important part of any service. In our Lutheran church, all the hymns are rather slow and kind of sad. Last time I realized it is so for a reason: anybody can sing them, even if the hymn is not familiar to you. So everybody can sing along. How wise our churchfathers have been when they made hymns easy to sing even for those of us who are less musical. (Here in Finland churches have hymnals you can borrow, so you always have the words and notes. You do not need to know hymns by heart.)

Breathing deeply and slowly and relaxing. Last Sunday's mass the priest said "Church is the only place nowadays where one is allowed to be useless". When in church, you do not need to do anything. There is no hurry, no decisions to make. Just sit down and relax and listen and sing. You are guided through the service, you do not need to know when to rise etc. All this creates relaxation response, making breathing deep and slow.

Cold. If the church is old enough, you may be lucky and get some cold exposure, too!

There are other benefits that are not linked directly to Vagus Nerve, but are backed by science. For example Thanksgiving Prayer: science has proved gratitude journaling and such will increase one's happiness.

I did not find any science about confession and absolution, but I am positive those greate great inner peace and happiness.  And this book is talking about that subject:

Science has also shown that people who actively practice their religions, are happier. And healthier. Notice, active participation is needed; it is not enough to "I do believe in God, kinda".

So, going to church will improve your overall health and wellbeing. I wish I knew this when I resigned from the Church 20 years ago.

The Prodigal Daughter is trying to come home. Good people of Blogistan, pray for me. Pray hard.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Of Course You Can Do Anything. But It Is Not Always A Good Idea.

I follow one hardcore feminist blogger, just to know what the enemy thinks. She is up to all sorts of things: marrying herself, flashing her gigantic bosom in public because free the nipple, hitchhiking to the Arctic Ocean because taking advantage on other peoples cars is so cool. She and her entourage are like caricatures of feminists: hideously dyed hair, tattoos all over their bodies, even their face and nicknames that refer to female genitalia with most vulgar ways. All this in the name of desperate attention seeking feminism.

This woman has declaired she is a demisexual, to explain the sad fact she is not happily shagging around even though she has recently become single. I have written about demisexuality here. 

Now she announced that last summer was her "F*ck Summer". She decided that despite of her embarrasing state of demisexuality, she would shag with men like all good feminists do. And she did. She wrote she did not have desire to have sex with those strange men, but the sex was still ok and she learned to maneuver around her demisexuality. Victoriously she claimed: "After Hitchhiking to Arctic Ocean And Shagging Strange Men I Know I Can Do Literally Anything."

Sidenote: We have a sweet double-standard here: if a man would shag like that, feminists would hang him from his balls because he is objectifying and using women. But when you are a woman, it is cool to use other people for your jolly.Two wrongs will make it right?

To finally get to my point: for some reason feminists seem to believe that being able to do anything is a) possible, b) a good thing and c) something you absolutely should do. This is ridicilous and childish. I know I can do lots of things: I can do eyeshots if I wish. I can take a bottle ouf Roundup and walk around spraying people with it. I can take an axe and hit someone with it. I am sure all those things would be more empowering than shagging strangers. And I have met many people I would like to spray with Roundup or hit with an axe.

But being able to do something does not mean doing it is a good idea. All our deeds have consequenses on many different levels. Those should be concidered carefully before taking an action. Practically nothing is just "a bit of fun". And when you start playing with your safety and other people's emotion just in the name of desperate attention seeking feminism -well, it is hardly responsible or grown up behaviour.

That actually seems to be one of the biggest probelms of modern world: people, especially feminists, do not want to be grown up. It is boring and dull. Why grow up when you can be unique snowflake and get soooo much attention?

I also wonder, if feminists believe they can do anything, why they choose to only do extremely dumb sh*t? Pardon my french. Why they do not choose to do something worthy?

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Everybody Should Be Miserable. That Is What Sells.

When our husbands are experiencing more distressing times at their work, a housewife can sometimes feel guilty. Guilty, because she gets to stay at home, safe from distresses of working life. "Maybe I should work too, to make his burden easier", she may think.

Ask your self: "If I worked too, would my husband's job become easier?" Answer is obviously "no", unless you plan to work as his secretary. You working or not working has nothing to do with your husbands job. (Obviously I am talking about ordinary families where husband has one job he is more or less content with. If he has to have two jobs or do something he absolutely loathes to provide for his family, case is somewhat different.)

Then ask your self: "How would my husband's everyday life change if I worked?" If you are honest, you will notice you working would actually make your husband's life even more distressing. You would very likely be unable or at least unwilling to do all the housework. So after hard workday, he should participate in housework, too. You would both be tired after work and you should do housework in a hurry and very likely rather angry. Dinner would not be ready when he comes home, home would not be nice and tidy. You would have more money, yes, but you should pay for childcare and maybe for another car. If you were too tired to do housework, you might have enough money to pay for a cleaner You might have money to eat lunches outside, and you propably should: working mothers do not have time to pack healthy lunches. You would also need different kind of clothes, because clothes proper for housewife are usually not proper for housewife.

So, most of the extra money you could make would go for the things caused buy you working. Instead of your husband being miserable at work, everybody would be miserable all the time. Kids, too: it is very distressing for young kids to get dragged to kindergarten early in the morning, spending all day away from home and then getting dragged home buy angry and exhausted parents. Through a congested supermarket, full of people in similar states.

Working wifes do not share their husband's burden. They double it. This is why we are sold this "everybody should work" -myth: this lifestyle creates miserable people and marketing studies have shown happy people do not buy thing. Miserable people do. Another factor is that making people very busy will make them less spiritual. Spiritual people are usually not very consumerist. So let's make everybody too busy to be spiritual -or happy- and whatch them consume. 

Working wifes are the modern day Marthas.We, housewifes, have chosen what is better. Better for ourselves, better for our children, better for our husbands. And above all, better for the spiritual wellbeing of our entirely family.

41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one.[a] Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:41-42

Monday, 19 August 2019

Ladies, It Is Not Your Job To Change Society

"They also serve who only stand and wait." -John Milton

Traditional concervative (christian) ideal woman is meek and modest, content at home. Not seeking attention, not too interested in running around minding other people's business. She does not compete with men on attention and accomplishment, because her focus of life is at home.

In modern society, TradCon woman might easily feel she should do something to change the society. You know, she might even feel she should get on barricades or something. But trying to change society is usually very noisy, aggressive business. It most definitely takes you away from home, away from your children. So how does this match with the ideal woman she believes in?

It does not.

We, as women, are not supposed to fight for TradCon society and future. The whole idea we believe in -or at least I believe in- is that woman's place is at home. Not on barricades and heated political arguments. Women have never, ever achieved anything worth mentioning by fighting. Men do the fighting. They are good at it, thanks to testosterone.

And no, dear feminists, you did not get right to vote because you fought so fiercely for it. You got it because men in power decided it was convenient and served their purposes. For example in my country, women got the right to vote at the same time most men did (at 1906). We were under Russian command at that time, and giving everybody right to vote served greater good -though many upper class women thought lower class women did not need that right...

If you call yourself a TradCon woman and want to get on barricades, you are being very illogical. You should believe men are quite capable of taking care of the fight. Your role is to support them. Be their helpmeet. No army has ever been victorious without maintenance troops! Everybody cannot be leaders, someone has to sew leader's buttons, comfort him and feed him -and above all, believe in him.

It may well be that in your pressing feeling and need for "doing something to things" you fail to do what is actually in your power, and what you are good at. I have one old housekeeping manual from year 1885. The authoress warns young ladies not to think "Oh, providing for the family is such a burden to my husband. I wish I could make some money, too." Thinking like that they often fail to do what they actually could do to help their husbands: being thrifty, providing him comfort and rest at home etc.

It is the same with current political situation. Do not focus on the fight that is going on. Focus on your role on life: keep your home as best as you can, support your husband, try to make your home peaceful and happy place. Try to keep your own spirits up. Let your own everyday life be your best testimony.  Example is the most powerfull tool of them all. If you truly want more traditional society, start living like an ideal woman right now. Do not think "I'll be meek and submissive when everybody else is, too." You can start it today. You can make delicious desserts today, proving everybody how wonderful domestic life can be.

If you feel you are still doing nothing, remember that quote from John Milton: "They also serve who stand and wait." I actually learned that from one Alistair McLean's novel (the Bear Island). It is one very good quote. Far too often we modern westerners feel the urge to do something, anything. But learning to stand and wait is very important, too. And as a housewife, you are doing a lot all the time. As I said, your whole life can be a testimony if you live it well.

Men are good at fighting. They are designed for it.  Practically everything humanity has ever achieved, has been achieve my men. Not because of patriarchy but because of testosterone. This fight does not differ from the previous ones our society has confronted. Men solved those previous fights, you can truly trust they will solve this one, too. Have some faith on men and focus on your own lot.

In modern world, being a happy housewife minding your own business is as rebellious as it gets.