Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Pushing No- Class Society Makes People Run Into Debt

In my country, equality is a big thing. We do not have a class society, or that is what people like to keep saying. It is supposed to be a good thing: we as people are so very equal and everybody has equal opportunities and skills. Excluding those who don't, of course. But that is only because of the remaining structures of patriarchy and class society (which we have never really had in Finland - or so they say- because even in viking era we were so darn equal). Those remains of unequality will be fixed if we just give enough governement's money to those never-do-wells. And where does that governement money come from -from other people's pockets...

Now all people have their basic human rights and right to exist and blah blah. We are all worthy in the eyes of Lord Jesus and that is very sweet. But Jesus is not here and we live in a real world where all the other things matter, too. Things like breeding, education, skills, wit, your job etc. Some things you are born with, some things can be taught to everbody, some to only small minority of people. One should also never underestimate luck. Though I have noticed it is always the same people having "bad luck". Usually it could also be called "bad decisions".

Due to these factors, people end up being in very different socio-economic positions in life. Most often people stay in the position they were born with, maybe just doing little bit better than their parents. In rare cases, blue-collars son will be a CEO and doctor's son will become a bum and alcoholic. But usually we end up in position that could rather well be foreseen. That is called a class society, and that is how societies have always worked. It is natural to human beings: we all know that among many other things intellect and seld-discipline are hereditary -and so is stupidity and low impulse control. Progressives claim it is all about the enviroment: that if you give enough other people's money to never-do-wells, their kids will do better. It has not worked too well so far.

In my opinion, progessives are trying to fix something that is not broken. Of course we should not allow actual poverty in civilized society, but there is nothing wrong in people making different amounts of money, getting different education, choosing your kid's hobby based on economic facts etc.

What is broken is the idea of no-class society, where people think everybody should be able to purchase iPhone and everybody's children should be able to ride a horse or play ice hockey for a hobby.

In western countries, there is very little actual poverty. The poverty here is relative. People are poor compared to people they see as their peers. And in no-class society, people see everybody as their peers. In class society, your peers are the people who share the same socioeconomic position. Docker compares himself to other dockers and doctor to other doctors. In modern society, docker compares himself to doctor and thinks: "Well, he has in iPhone and BMW and all-inculsive vacations on Mauritius. I should have, too." (This is actually a bad example because here in Finland docker's get paid really well. But you get my point.)

So people feel poor, because they compare themselves to wrong people. Here comes the breeding. Lower-class people (they do exist in no-class society, too), have never learned to handle money. Why it is so, I cannot understand. But for some reason, they do not teach their children to handle money. They start buying things on istallment, because "it is the only way I can afford this-and-that." Oh, how many times I have tried to explain people that if you havent' been able to save money to the purchase in question, there is absolutely no way you can pay the installments! And people never listen, end up deep in debt and often finally loose their credit. Then they blame society, and society blames society.

Everybody fails to see that if the person in question had chosen to live "buy their caste", they would be in no trouble at all.  

"But kids must have what other kids have, or they will be bullied!" Yes, I believe that. In no-class society, where everybody's compared to everybody and those who do well set the standard. In class society, kids would be compared to their actual peers, not to everybody. If societies were allowed to form naturally, lower-class people would live on different areas and upper-class on other (at least on bigger towns), so kids would not even interact that much with those who have more worldly possessions and a pony. This, of course, is the worst nightmare of progressives and liberals. Elite schools! Oh no, we must blend all kids, and especially make sure ever class has it's fair share of language incompetent illiterate immigrants.

What can be done? Well, like it is in life, the only thing we can change is ourselves. This is what you (yes, you) can do right now:

1. Get realistic on your socioeconomic position and start living by it. For example I concider myself lower middle class. I cannot compare myself to our friends who have 250m2 houses and two expensives cars. It would only bring me misery. We live in an appartment and drive old but well kept Corolla.

2. Get frugal and teach your children how to handle money. Remember: if you feel you need debt, you absolutely must not have it. Debt if safe only you don't actually necessarily need it. (Modest mortgage excluded, of course.)

3.  You can start comparing yourself to others in different ways. You can for example, decide that you are not buying because you are poor, but because you are so very enviroment-friendly. Make a virtue out of necessity. Start despising concumerism! It will make you so much happier than thriving for things you cannot afford.

4. Learn history and read books. How people used to live only 60 years ago. Old ladies "Books of Gimmics" are very good for this. Your grannies have been very creative with saving money, and I bet they did not feel poor because they could not fly to Thailand twice a year. I have actually made women of previous generations my peers. This works wonderfully for a housewife with no actual peers around...  Nothing really beats escapism.

5. Be content with what you have. Lacking something does not usually create unhappiness: wanting does.

6. Worried about your kids being bullied because they are "poor"? Encourage them to do sports. Many sports can be practiced with very reasonable money, even in competitive level. Sporty kids almost never get bullied. I have heard especially Greco-Roman wrestling gives young lads such a self-confidence nobody ever "starts" with them. Also if someone does, they have safe means to control their bully without harming him. Same applies to girls, too. Kids can also find better friends from their sports club. 

We cannot all be rich or upper class or posh. But we can all choose to be happy with what we have.  Class society would make it so much easier to everybody.


Monday, 13 May 2019

All Things Real

Spring and (relatively) warmer weather is here. So we have been spending more time on our cottage. It is very modest place: spacey, yes, but there is no running water, no sewers, no electricity. Outdoor toilet. I love it all so much.

Spending time on a place like that really brings you "back to basics". Since there is no electricity, it is unpossible to heat the cottage when we are away. So it becomes quickly as cold as the air outside. And since the cottage is so spacey, and has rather small and unefficient fireplaces (it was build for summer use only), warming it up takes forever. Once, years ago, when we went to the cottage Friday evening it was -27. Inside. We just managed to get it +something when it was time to leave on Sunday afternoon.

After that we have purchased a light petrol heater. It is very efficient and uses very little lamp oil. With that and two fireplaces, we usually manage to get the cottage to +15 when it is time go to bed, if we start from -15. We have very warm sleeping bags, so that is warm enough. And of course we heat up the sauna, so we will be nice and warm when we go to bed.

On a place like this, time changes. You are not living city time no more. You are living Monastery Time, Or Tree Time. It does not really matter, what time it is. In winter, it is very dark on this latitudes. One notices she get sleepy before 8 p.m. Because it is so dark, no matter how many candles and oil lamps you are burning. And you sleep late, because sun gets up so late and there is nothing to wake you up. Sometimes you wish you could stay up little later, just to watch stars, because there is no light pollution. But the darkness and cold and finally getting yourself warm make you very sleepy.

On summer, on the other hand, you don't notice it it getting late. Woodcock will start to fly over, on it's territory flight. That's how you know it must be over 9 p.m. Close to midsummer it is still so light you can read outside with no lamp. You won't get sleepy, because it is so light, and you will wake up incredibly early because birds start singing and sun is getting up.

You get to burn real fire on real fireplaces. You get to burn candles for an actual purpose. Wintertime you bathe in sauna on oil lamp light -lamp is hanged outside the big sauna window, otherwise steam would very easily damp it. You go swimming in the little river with your headlamp on, pushing icecubes away. It is like swimming in a whiskey grog, since the water is brownish.

You spent most of your time outside, because there is no electricity: even in summer the cottage is fairly dark inside. And there is plenty to do outside: you can chop and carry wood to sauna and inside the cottage, you can carry water to sauna. Sauna cauldron must be heated before you can wash up dishes or bathe. (I hope cauldron is the right word: I mean a built-in cauldron inside sauna. It has fireplace underneath. People used to boil laundry in them, very convenient. If you google "Muuripata", you will find lots of pictures from different eras.)

Having a off-grid cottage is a wonderful thing. Nowadays people value their comfort so much that they even put washing machines to their cottages. But then you could just stayed in the city. To me, the idea in cottage-dwelling is getting away. You get away from all the pressure of modern life. You can, for a short while, try to live like our ancestors did, focusing on the survivalists Holy Trinity of: food, shelter, clothing.

On that Monastery Documentary I linked, the monks mentioned how they try to make everything they do a prayer. When you make that time-shift from city-time to Tree Time, the same thing happens to you. Everything you do has a special meaning -even if all you do that day is sit on porch stairs watching grass to grow (my favourite activity on sunny summer days).

Weekend's (or weeks, if you suffer from severe case of city life) off-grid cottage-dwelling will introduce you all things real. And make you a real thing. You come back to you, to the person you were before society started telling you you should dress and act certain way and keep up with the Joneses and make tons of money and so on. You start remembering who you are and what is really important.

In my country the greens would want everybody living in towns, because it is "better for the enviroment". Other parties want people in towns because that's where the jobs are. Maybe, or maybe it is because town living makes people so miserable it is easier to control them. And sell them shit they do not need.

Say no to city lights and -life. Say yes to Hobbit life.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Yes. It Really Is That Bad.

I mentioned to a fellow housewife blogger how I must keep my blog strictly anonymious, because it would be absolute social suicide if someone I know would find out how I actually think. She asked me, can it really be that bad?

Yes. Here in Finland, it is. Think about country that is almost as feminist as Sweden, but has no culture of "att diskutera". (Here in Finland we mock swedes because they are seen too soft and willing to discourse about things ad infinitum, in order to avoid anybody getting upset.)

This country is very, very feminist. We also have, and always have had a culture that glorifies hard work, stiff upper lip, coping all by yourself, not thinking you are something special or different, blending in, being humble etc. Historically we have been very poor and underpopulated country. That means finnish women have been forced to work harder than women did in more civilized countries. And working hard has always been really, really overrated. There is an old saying: "Who does not work, should not eat" and it is still very popular. The division of labour was still always there, though.

So nowadays "the working woman" is literally the only option there is. If parent wants to stay at home until her/his infant is three years old, goverment will pay them allowance. But women who choose to stay at home that long are mocked. Even though our best authorities on child psychology say that kids under three years need routines and safety, not "early education" in kindergarten, huge majority of mothers go to work when their kid is 9 months. Their excuses vary: some say they would go grazy if they had to stay at home any longer, some say they would love to stay at home but cannot afford it (still they usually can afford two cars). And the paradigm about the importance of "early education", that only educated kindergarten teachers can give (to 20 kids at a time) is really strong.
Kids are institutionalized from very young age. This is some sort of soviet ideal. Your children are not your children, but governements. 

When some poor woman makes the mistake to ask on some forum: "I would prefer traditional gender roles. Anyone else?" She will be mocked. She will be told two things:
1. Housewifes did not actually exist. It was only really, really short phace from 1930's-1950's. Otherwise finnish women have always worked hard. They conveniently forget that even though finnish women were forced to work hard, the division of labour was very strict and even regulated by law: women, for example, could not tailor men's clothes at 19th century, they could only be seamstresses for women's clothes. In commercial way, that is, of course one could make clothes for her husband. On earlier centuries, only in very rare cases (husband dead, no male relatives) woman could get the priviledge to be a burgher and do business.

2. You will be doomed when your husband leaves you (or dies). Now dying is unevidable, but women seem to marry with the mindset "we will divorce anyway, better make my own money". Women, who do not have marriage settlement, are concidered stupid, because married or not, your money is your money. Mothers who want to stay at home with their kids are mocked because they are soooo in trouble when they retire and they haven't paid enough pension for themselves, and what if your husband leaves you and you have no workplace? You will be doooooomed. Always, always be prepared to be left alone. You must be able to survive alone, you must not rely on your husband in any circumstances. It is only wise to be prepared. 

I have seen the same formula on conversations online so many times. So yes, there may be other women who would like to be housewifes, but nobody dares to open their mouths. Only if your husband is ice hockey player (and therefore rich), you can get away with being  a housewife because
everybody knows "hockey wifes" are just blond hussies, too stupid to work anyway. 

So work you must, if you want to be taken seriously as an adult woman. Also, you must have sex. 
I have seen several times how some 20+ woman asks for advice: she is a virgin and would very much like to loose her virginity with someone special, but men she dates want to proceed too fast and when she wont give in, disappear. She will get answers like this, all with very hateful and aggressive tone:
" I cannot believe someone still thinks virginity is something special." (doing something big first time is nothing... not exiting or scary or emotional... nothing special...)
"Many girls are born without hymen, what difference does it make who breaks it?" (maybe, just maybe, it is not about that tiny peace of flesh but about getting more intimate you have ever been with another human being for the very first time?)
"You are getting too old, just get it over and done with and start living like everybody else." (because when you have once had sex, you are able and willing to slut like the rest of us do. I fyou don't you must be frigid or something.)
"No man will want to have a relationship with you, because they know with a prude like you sexlife would be unexistent and boring." (Apparently if you do have a sex drive, it just forces you to have casual sex: if you do not have casual sex, it is a proof you have no sex drive.)

Even if you have had sex, you are not safe. If your relationship breaks, your girlfriends try to encourage you to "get back to saddle". If you do not feel like having sex, you should just do it, because the best way to get over one man is to lay under another. I remember reading a blog post, written by highly intelligent, highly educated feminist woman. She had wondered what was wrong with her, because she was not interested in having sex after her divorce. Then she found out she is a demisexual. What a relief! There was a newspeech-word for her anomality! My blog post about demisexuality.

Women mocking other women for not working and having sex... It used to be vica versa. Working mothers and "easy" women were mocked. Somehow I feel it was more natural. Men calling women "wallet parasites", if they do not pay exactly 50 % of family expenses, no matter how big wage gap they have. Though I must say these man are rare, it is more common that women mock women. I actually feel most men would happily go back to traditional gender roles tomorrow, given the change. 
It is also very typical to think "men come and go, frienship is forever". Women see their girlfriends more important than husbands and devoting to your husbans is unheard of (hence the divorce rates.) I have heard people claim loosing a friend is a bigger thing than loosing your husband, who is, after all, only a man. Apparently their wedding vows mean nothing to them. I mean I have vowed many things to my husband, but nothing to my friends. Ever. This should make it very clear what is important, and yet women keep putting their girlfriends first. 
I have understood that loving your children is still fine, though. 

In this country, with many people, you cannot say that keeping your knees together would prevent you from having STDs. Or not getting drunk with strange men might helpo you not get raped. That would be victim shaming. And all that feminist jazz.

This is why I write angry rants on my blog, propably just harming my cause. :) This is my safety valve, it helps me keep my mouth shut on social gatherings.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Monastery Living

If you removed from your life everything that is not necessary or bring you true added value and joy, what would be left?

Watching BBC:s program Retreat: Meditations From a Monastery made me think of that. The program is well worth watching. Very slow and silent.

Retreat: Meditations From a Monastery

"A new BBC Four programme which premiers on Tuesday showcases what life is like for Benedictine monks.
The three part series called “Retreat:  Meditations from a Monastery” will highlight monks in Downside Abbey, Pluscarden Abbey and Belmont Abbey."
New Programme Shows a Day In a Life of a Benedictine Monk

Truly, if you removed from your life everything that is not necessary or bring you true added value and joy, what would be left?

Would you use social media?

Would you gossip in the phone with your friends?

Would it be important to shave your legs?

 Would you drink coffee?

Would you read cartoons?

Would you go to the cinema?

Would you wear high heels?

Would you eat hamburgers?

Would you read romantic novels?

Would you read the Bible?

Would you bite your nails?

Would you have long hair?

Would you nag at your husband?

Would you listen to music?

What would you say? When? To whom? How? 

The questions I listed above are just questions I have been asking myself. I tried quitting coffee last summer, so I know drinking it truly brings me joy and adds value to my everyday life. But I feel more and more that I should be silent more. It feels like most of the things I say (or write) are not really worth saying. World is full of noise and words and images nowadays, do I really need to pollute it even more with my social media updates? 

I wish I could make my life my own little monastery, where applicable. I am not planning on staying up till midnight for vigilia. Or giving up my earthly vices like reading romantic novels and eating candy. But the stillness. Tranquility. How they do their everyday tasks so peacefully. In monastery, hurry does not exist. I assume it is because they have all the time of the universe. When you do God's work, it is not measured with human's time but His. If your time runs out, someone else will continue His work. Or this is how I see it. If that is not beautiful and worth seeking for, I do not know what is. 

How I wish a was a proper christian, able to believe.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Book Review: The Road To Power

Sanne Wijker from Adventures in Keeping House -blog resently published her second book and I got the priviledge to read and review it. You can read my review of her first book here. You can purchase The Road To Power and read synopsis here.

He pulled out a drawer and took out a ray gun. The weapon felt heavy in his hand. With a click the safety mechanism got disengaged. Now what was the best manner to shoot oneself? Through the temple or through the mouth?  (quote from the book)

Words like "honor" and "duty" are rarely used today. In this book, however, they are used often. This describes well the pseudo-victorian world and morals people live in The Road To Power. Story takes place in the same universe as Sanne's first book, The Long Way Home. I actually suggest you read that first, that way you'll get clearer idea what sort of dimension people populate in these space operas.

The Road To Power is a space opera, like The Long Way Home, taking place in the same universe. Otherwise it is very different book and independent story with new characters. There is more political schemery and sligthly less action. There is still plenty of action and adventures, but the speed is not quite that breath-taking. I appreciated that a lot. Plot is very unpredictable (that seems to be typical to Sanne), I had to read to page 70-something before I got any idea where the book is going and still plenty of surprises waited for me. Gothic family secrets, sword duels, beautiful adventuresses and elven queens, spies and assasinations.

Sanne's text is witty, ironic and apt. So apt, actually, it becomes almost a fault. She manages to say everything with the least possible amount of words, leaving reader screaming in her head: "Yes, but what kind of parfum she used with that dress? How people wash their hair in that world?" It almost feels like cheating: she knows all those fascinating things about the world she has created and won't share. At least to a detail-loving person like me. This is, of course, a matter of taste and other people very likely enjoy this sort of reduced narration very much. I enjoyed, too, but I would still like to know the details...

I would recommend The Road To Power (book is greatly named, I must say) anybody who likes adventures, sci-fi, romance and such. The love story was rather sweet and the book in general very entertaining. But if you don't like the hero being a ladies man, don't read this. Despite of all his honor code's Eric is a very naughty boy indeed when it comes to ladies. I obviously liked him a lot.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Thursday, 28 March 2019

How To Not Look Like a Feminist

In modern society, everything is statement. Wearing a scarf certain way suggest you are a muslim and not shaving your armpits suggest you are a hard-core feminist -or french. Since MRM and misogyny are growing, and most of their hate focuses on feminists, we non-feminist women most certainly DO NOT want to be confuced as one.

I actually must link to this article from ROK/Roosh:
Attractive Girls Who Became Feminists

That is actually rather good article, and gives us good guidelines. Ladies Against Feminism also had a good article about the Death of Pretty or something that sort, but LAF seems to be on vacation. It was about how pretty is not valued anymore, only sexy is, and Olivia Newton John's role in the Grease was set as an example how pretty becomes sexy -and slutty...

World was such an innocent placet at the 70's, was it not? Even the latter picture is really pretty and modest compared to modern-day feminists.

Based on the article from ROK/Roosh and my own experience, I suggest you avoid being confuced as a feminist by following these guidelines:

1. Keep your hair normal. If you dye it, do it with some natural colour. All sorts of chicken's rear cuts, side-hedgehog cuts are no-no. You can have pixie cut only if you as classic beaty like Natalie Portman and shave for a role in a best-selling movie. Also, do not colour your eyebrows blue, red or any other than a shade darked than your natural colour.

2. No tattoos.  If you do not remember your children names without tattooing them on your body, there is something seriously wrong with you. Absolutely no tattoos on face, arms, chest, neck or other areas difficultly covered. Little rose on your rear end will do no harm, but it is still waste of money.

3. No piercings. At least, not on visible places. If you pierce your ears like most of us do, one pair of earrings is enough, thank you very much.

4. Keep your clothes on. For some reason, feminists who used to whine men objectifing women with their vicked gaze, are taking their clothes off and shooting semi-pornographic pictures. Apparently it is empowering. Keep your clothes on and your fat ass to yourself.

5. If you have fat,cover it.  We all know loosing weight is not easy. But if you feel you should wear what you want and flaunt your body in the name of body positivity -well, don't. Just don't. Cover your fat. You can still be pretty, but the fatter you are, the more you should focus on class and dignity. 

That's the important part: focus on class and dignity.

6. If you have bodily hair, cover it. Now some of us have so very tender skin, that removing bodily hair can be difficult, and some just like their hair. Having bodily hair is normal, but flaunting it aggressively and provocatively is not. 

7. Don't wear prints saying "slut" or such. This should be obvious.

8. Smile! This is the most important one, and I totally forgot it and hat to come back to edit. Have a sweet smile on your face, or at least try not to have resting b*tch face. I have noticed women who call themselves feminists hardly ever really smile in pictures. They may have weird grins, but never a genuine smile. It mast be all that oppression. 

Just focus on class and dignity.